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UK Technology VendorThe technology world transcends national and cultural boundaries, so there is nothing special about being a UK based technology developer right? Having spent a good bit of my life before founding ipcortex working with teams of software developers in the US, UK, the rest of Europe and further East I have to say that this is only partly true.

The UK still produces some of the best software engineers in the world – a continuing legacy, in my opinion, of the pioneering role that several British Computer Science departments played in the early development of this young industry. This isn’t a perpetual advantage; as the industry matures, inspired and inspiring engineers now come to the fore no matter where in the world they start out, as evidenced by the increasing globalisation of software development.

Well motivated and capable product developers are however only part of the equation, the other key factors are how well the product is designed to meet the needs and expectations of its users and how easy it is to make it work properly within the environment that they will install it.

When the people who specify and implement the product really understand the way that their users want it to operate then the result is usually an intuitive solution that meets their needs. On a purely technical front, if a product has to cope with 100s of different localisations then likely none of them will be perfect or the configuration will be complicated beyond belief.

These are all especially important in the communications market as the way that we communicate is often very cultural, and national or regional standards still permeate the way that we connect to legacy telecommunications networks.

These latter reasons explain how a small and agile UK company can quickly deliver innovative products that resonate with the market better than the output of multi-national vendors with many times the resources to apply. It is all about knowing very clearly where to focus effort and doing so relentlessly.

Obviously even we do not purely target the UK market for our products and are gaining much experience from a global perspective as we produce product variants for other regions. UK users will however always be special as we can really engage and understand the local requirement in a way that is so much harder when your developers and maybe even your support desk are thousands of miles and several time zones away!


About Rob Pickering

Rob is a reformed software engineer who has spent much of his life developing computer networking applications and infrastructure. His career started in the 1980s with hands on development of the Internet TCP/IP protocol stack through a spell as a development manager at 3Com in the 1990s before founding ipcortex where he is currently our CEO.
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