Why I Wrote the Whitepaper

We’ve just published a Whitepaper I wrote called Six Strategic Decisions for UC and the Cloud. UC is nothing new and readers of my previous post will be well aware that I consider Cloud to be a term which is verging on overuse so you may wonder why have we published this now.

The combination of UC and Cloud Computing, with the step developments that are taking place in both of these areas, are creating a point of inflection in the communications industry. As consumers many of us already understand and are embracing applications that embody these technologies and this is feeding through to corporate end-users who are starting to ask questions of their suppliers about how they will deliver these in a corporate setting.

Whenever rapid change like this takes place in an industry, there is jostling among players to position whatever technology they are currently betting on as being the ultimate embodiment of the changing dynamic. What I don’t really see is much alignment between some of this positioning and the real step changes in capability that Cloud implementation should deliver. I believe that this…

  • IS about increasing speed of deployment and reducing costs
  • ISNT about integrating all of our communications needs into a single access environment based on one technology (this has been tried at various points in the industry and never works)
  • IS about enhancing flexibility and mobility by leveraging open interfaces to provide useable access from whatever device we have conveniently to hand
  • ISNT about putting pale, inward facing applications onto closed corporate desktops for internal consumption only.
  • IS about enabling unified rich communication with our customers and suppliers to deliver real business value
  • ISNT about delivering proprietary, introspective solutions with added “virtualisation” pixie dust which don’t really change the user experience.

The whitepaper examines all of the potential that the combination of UC and Cloud technologies can bring but tries to cut through the noise and hype by distilling this down to six key strategic decisions that will determine the effectiveness of an implementation.

The whole thing is quite concise and worth reading in full, but if you only have time for a 2 minute primer then I’ve taken the key points out and turned them into a Prezi here.

So how do you see UC and Cloud affecting your organisation?

About Rob Pickering

Rob is a reformed software engineer who has spent much of his life developing computer networking applications and infrastructure. His career started in the 1980s with hands on development of the Internet TCP/IP protocol stack through a spell as a development manager at 3Com in the 1990s before founding ipcortex where he is currently our CEO.
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